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REDEC helps you stay "top of mind" with your prospects with easy email marketing that integrates with what you already use. Use our Autoresponders to "Drip" Email messages and grow your farm. Use REDEC as your CRM, add calendar tasks, create surveys, do split testing and much more!

All of your Drip Email Marketing needs are easily met with our powerful, state-of-the-art system. Try our Forever FREE account and take a look at our amazing features.  

Drip Campaigns Learn more about autoresponders and

What's Drip Email?

It's the process of automatically "dripping" emails to prospects on a scheduled basis. Emails are prepared in advance and go out at timed intervals until the series is completed.

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What's an Autoresponder?

An auto responder is when an e-mail system automatically replies to an email message or form submission with a pre-written response. Many use an autoresponder when they're out of the office.

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How does this work?

Once the system is live, anyone that fills out your website form(s) are added to your drip system and the campaign tied to that form. You'll also get an email that they've signed up with all of their details.

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Max. of 1 Contact Lists
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The preferred choice for real estate agents to maximize their call to action, lead follow-up, newsletters, welcome emails, special promotions, autoresponders and more. Learn more by exploring our website. Also, read about the drip email system features specially designed for your business.

We'd like to offer you our amazing drip email campaign service to try out for 30 days FREE. We can set you up with several existing drip campaigns such as buyers, sellers, relo, expired, fsbo* - plus, you have the ability to create hundreds more with NO limit to subscribers, number of campaigns, number of emails*...

Try the system FREE for 30 Days ($8.95 to $14.95 per month thereafter) featuring...

Pre-installed Campaigns + Scripts - use as is or customize each one:

  • Buyers (15 emails) - Seller (after Listing Presentation 13 emails) - Expired (10 emails) - FSBO (11 emails) - Sellers (13 emails) - 2 year Client (21 emails) - Relocation (9 emails)

Month to Month Subscription with NO Obligation! Cancel Anytime!

* Free campaign setup and email stationery for Premier members only

System Features Packed full of goodies and fun stuff

System Features

Personalize every drip email you send with your contact's details such as their first name.

AutomateAutomate Follow-up
Follow up with prospects automatically over time and stay top of mind.

StatisticsReports & Statistics
Track open rates and click-thru rates as well as detailed campaign reports and statistics.